HFSS School Library is a magical place where young minds embark on incredible journeys through the power of books! Our library is a treasure trove filled with captivating stories, fascinating adventures, and endless knowledge waiting to be discovered. 

All our library books are colour coded based on the Accelerated Reader initiative we run in the school. Your child is assessed and given a reading colour based on their ability and motivation. When they finish the book, they can complete an interactive activity on their personal AR account, earning them points towards individual and group awards. 

Every child has their own personal login for Accelerated Reader provided by the school and can complete activities at home or at school. Please follow the link below to login and see your child’s progress. The web address is specific to the school so following the link below is the easiest way to access it. 


At our library, we celebrate the joy of reading and learning. We provide a diverse collection of books catering to every interest and imagination, from thrilling tales of faraway lands to educational resources that spark curiosity. Please take care of our books when on loan, they are cherished by the children of HFSS. 

Keep an eye on our social media accounts for recent prize winners and future activities and competitions. Volunteers are always welcome to come and work in our library, so if you’d like to volunteer, please contact Barbara Gill at barbara.gill@hfss.ie