In Holy Family Senior School, the children partake in our long-standing tradition of musical and arts education, where creativity, hopes and dreams take centre stage. 

At Holy Family, we take pride in nurturing artistic talents and fostering a love for music that echoes through our school. Our full-sized hall stage has hosted spectacular musicals and theatrical performances down through the years, showcasing the artistic talents of our students. Our nationally acclaimed choir have won prestigious awards and when they sing, they elevate the spirit of our school community for both secular and religious events. 

As a proud partner of Music Generation Clare, we offer high-quality, reasonably priced music education to our students. Through this transformative programme, we provide access to learning the craft of playing an instrument of choice as well as performance opportunities to showcase what our students have learned. This greatly enriches the lives of our children. Our students can be heard playing piano, drums, guitar, concertina and ukulele most evenings. Our commitment to excellence in music education leads to opportunities for our young people to experience musical success throughout their lives. 

The pulse of our Irish tradition can be felt in our traditional school band. Every Friday our talented musicians come together to practice their craft. The pulsating sounds of our cool rock band can also be heard on Fridays when they meet under our hall stage, becoming young rock stars and setting the stage ablaze with their electric talent.  

Our campus is also a haven for the visual arts. Our commitment to artistic expression is evident not only in the classrooms but also in our school garden and colourful corridors. 

At Holy Family, we believe in nurturing every aspect of creativity, providing a place for dreams to transform into reality.