The Parents’ Association is a group of happy and willing parents who help out with lots of different events throughout the year.  

Day to day: 

  • School library organisation and maintenance 

Fund Raising: 

  • Cash for Clobber 3 times a year 
  • Cake Sales twice a year 

Special Events: 

  • Christmas and Easter Crafts and treats 
  • Christmas show, preparation of hall and costumes. Helping with make-up on the night of the show. 
  • Holy Communion party and gifts for children 
  • Graduation party and gifts for children 
  • Hoodies and autograph books for graduates 
  • Uniform sale of second-hand uniforms 
  • Book Fair 

These are just a few of the activities the PA help to make the school year as enjoyable as possible for everyone. 

To plan our work, we hold a meeting every two months. All are welcome to join the Parents’ Association, where they are guaranteed to have some fun while being helpful!